How We Assess Your Project

Once we have received your application we will check it for completeness. We may need to contact you to discuss your application or to ask for more information and may spend more time assessing larger or more complex projects.

Full Applications will be assessed and scored against a range of selection criteria including those set out below.

Strategic fit: the project fits with the priorities for LEADER funding

The assessment will determine how well and to what extent the project will:

  • meet the eligibility criteria;
  • deliver against one or more of the LEADER group’s priorities set out in the Loddon and Test Local Development Strategy, pages 16-22; and
  • benefit the rural economy.

Need for the project: what problem the project is seeking to address

The LAG will assess the extent to which the project may displace economic activity undertaken by other businesses. It will also check facts, assertions and evidence relating to this that the applicant provides in support of the application.

The application will need to show:

  • there is a need for the project and this has been clearly identified;
  • the project outcomes which best address the needs of those the project is seeking to be of benefit to; and
  • the impact the project has on other businesses

Financial performance: the viability of the underlying business and the proposed project

The application will need to show:

  • how the delivery of the project may impact the existing business operations (if the application is from an existing business), including the ability to fund the total costs of the project until the grant is reclaimed; and
  • how the business will benefit from the project

Value for money and the need for public funding: what extent does the project proposal offer good value for money

The application will need to show:

  • that competitive quotes have been sought and costs represent value for money;
  • the amount of grant required to deliver the outcomes and outputs, for example cost per job;
  • that other options have been considered;
  • what difference grant aid will make when compared to what would happen without grant aid; and
  • that supporting the project won’t harm other similar businesses

Project Sustainability and Impacts: Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability and impact of the project

The application will need to show:

  • how the project will continue to benefit people after funding comes to an end. Projects should be sustainable, and not dependent on future public funding; and
  • how the project will affect the environment and/or community groups within the area
  • that the project does not disadvantage anybody in terms of ethnicity, disability, age and gender.

Delivery approach and how the project can be successfully delivered on cost and on time

The application will need to show:

  • that the proposed project manager has the skills and resources to deliver the project successfully;
  • that the necessary permissions are in place, for example planning permission; and
  • how the project can show how successful it will be

Risk: have risks to delivering the project been identified

  •  The application will need to show:
  • that the risks that have been identified are relevant to the size, scale and scope of the project and to the business / organisation in carrying out the project; and
  • how these risks will be mitigated

The final decision

The Loddon and Test LAG decision-making panels are held continually and no less than monthly. They will decide if a Full Application is successful and if a grant offer can be made.

For an application to be considered at a panel meeting, the completed Full Application will need to be received by the Loddon and Test LAG at least 10 weeks before the panel meeting date.

Dates that the panel meet can be found in the timescales section of this website.