Outcomes for Increasing Forestry Productivity

IMG_0536Below is the list of the sort of outcomes we would hope to see projects applying for this grant programme achieve. We do not expect you to achieve all of the outcomes, as achieving on one outcome may outweigh the need to deliver on others. This merely serves as a list to give you guidance on what is important in an application to us. Please remember that LEADER is a grant programme that aims to boost the rural economy and all projects should demonstrate how they will contribute to this. You will need to list these outcomes in your application and also prove you have delivered on them before claiming your grant.


  • Increased GVA (gross value added)/profits?
  • Additional direct employment created?
  • Reduction in carbon emissions?
  • Improved energy/water use?
  • Reduction to waste?
  • More sustainable forestry practices?
  • More efficient forestry practices?
  • Beneficial collaboration with other businesses?
  • Educational opportunities created?
  • Increased visitors to the forest?
  • New innovative techniques and/or equipment adopted?