Stage 1 – Project Enquiry

This is not obligatory, but we do recommend that you complete an initial Project Enquiry Form before you send us your Outline Application. It may save you a lot of time as we can give you feedback before applying as to whether your idea fits with our local strategy.  We also suggest you look at our Grant Programmes to see what we fund and get an idea of the types of projects we support. They must also add to the outcomes we expect your project to deliver and must make a difference to the rural economy and community. For a better chance of getting funding, follow the steps below:-

You have an idea, but what now?

  • Decide on the amount you need – our grants start at £2,500 (this excludes match funding, so with this included, your minimum total project amount would be £6,250).
  • Pick the best Grant Programme for you, based on your objectives and the focus of your project.
  • Check whether you fit the eligibility criteria for your specific grant programme.
  • Work out your timescales, will this fit with our next decision panel (you must submit your project at least 16 weeks prior to the decision making panel date you wish your project to be assessed at)?
  • Take a look at the application guidance to help you think about developing your project.
  • Send us a project enquiry. This does not count towards the assessment process, but gives you a chance to get feedback before applying.
  • Ask us a question, we are available to take your enquiry should you need help.

Please wait to hear back from us before you apply. We’ll help you make sure that we’re the right funder for you and that you’ve picked the right programme.