Stage 2 – Expression of Interest

The LEADER application process is a two-stage process. All applications are competitive and applying does not mean you will be successful. The first stage is completion of the Expression of Interest (EOI). If you are successful with this, you will be invited to proceed to the Full (main) Application stage. You cannot proceed to Full Application without first receiving approval of the Expression of Interest (EOI).

Once you have submitted your EOI to us, we will get back to you with a decision within 15 working days. Your EOI will either be successful or it will be rejected. Feedback will be provided. The EOI must be submitted electronically, we cannot accept hand-written applications.

  • Applications must be submitted in the approved file format – Microsoft Excel compatible.
  • If you have an agent submitting the application on your behalf, the agent MUST copy the applicant (cc) into the email, we will not be able to submit applications unless the applicant is ‘copied in’.
  • ALL QUESTIONS must be filled in on the EOI unless you are not using an Agent, in which case omit section 2.
  • For guidance on how to complete your EOI form, please click below:

    How to Complete an EOI Guidance

  • To download a blank copy of the Outline Application for completion, please click below:

    Expression of Interest Form

  • Please submit your electronic application to