Stage 5 – The Decision Making Panel

Once your application has been appraised, it will go to the next Decision Making Panel. The panel will comprise a minimum of four people who will make the final decision. The panel will be a selection of members of the Loddon and Test Local Action Group. They will represent sectors relevant to your application, such as farming, forestry, community, business etc, so that they have the experience and knowledge required to make a decision.

They will look through the appraisal and look at the recommendations and information provided by the appraiser. They will also have a hardcopy of your full application to reference.

The Decision Making Panel will be assessing projects based on whether it will deliver the outcomes and local priorities set by the Local Development Strategy. It will look at value for money and how a grant invested will deliver these outcomes. It will look at whether there is a need for the project and whether this has been identified. Each project will be judged against a number of other projects and to a committed grant budget. The projects that can demonstrate the greatest outcomes and provide best value for money will likely receive funding over other projects that are less able to demonstrate this. The process is competitive and therefore there is no certainty that, even if your project meets the eligibility, it will be successful.

Should your project be successful, you will be informed of this decision within five working days. You will then be issued a grant funding agreement which you must sign and return to us. Once we have your signed copy, you can commence work on your project.

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See the timescales section of his website for the latest dates for Decision Making Panels.