Stage 6 – Your Grant Funding Agreement

If you are successful with your grant application, you will be sent a grant funding agreement which you will be expected to sign within 30 days of the date of issue and return to us before you can commence work on your project or make any purchases. If you do not return your contract within this timescale, the funding offer will expire. This contract acts as the grant funding agreement between us, the Loddon and Test LAG (represented by Hampshire County Council) and you the grant recipient. It will also set out the grant amount in euros and whether or not your grant counts towards state aid.

You must not start work, make any deposits, order or buy anything for a project until you have received the grant funding agreement from us with an official start date. If you do not wait for the official start date, we will withdraw the grant offer.

You must meet the terms set out in your grant funding agreement, otherwise the grant offer may be withdrawn, recovered, or a penalty applied.