Two Hoots Cheese – Increase in Production and Milk Pasteurisation

Two Hoots CheeseArtisan cheese maker Two Hoots Cheese has received funding to increase the volumes of their production. A LEADER grant helped to fund a milk pasteuriser and the equipment needed to test the milk for the cheese making, however this was not a simple project!

Milk quality is crucial to the flavour and texture of the final product, so to increase production capacity involved owners Andy and Sandra Rose solving these, and other problems:

  • being able to pasteurise milk on site
  • testing milk on site
  • arranging a change of milk supplier to a local dairy farm
  • planning how to move more frequent milk deliveries in a restricted space
  • increasing the capacity of the production equipment itself, without affecting the flavour

LEADER was able to help solve these problems by providing a grant towards equipment needed and a year down the line, they received a Gold Award at the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham as Best English Cheese for their ‘Two Hoots’ original Barkham Blue cheese. Congratulations to them and we are so pleased that they were willing to make the leap of faith into bigger production volumes with a little help from us.